There are certain ways in which shoes can be maintained to ensure they last and retain their shape.

Leather and suede shoes do not react well to soaking wet conditions. If they do get wet then ensure you let the shoes dry naturally and insert quality shoe trees to retain their shape. Do not use direct heat as this can damage the leather.

When dry, wipe the shoes down and apply a quality cream or wax polish to feed the leather and prevent cracking. Speak to our staff who can recommend quality products to help maintain your shoes.

Shoes should be treated regularly with a quality cream or wax polish even when not exposed to harsh weather conditions to extend their life and feed the leather.

Keeping your shoes clean will prolong their life and improve their appearance. The polish and creams that you use not only keep the shoes looking great, but also protect the leather from water damage and nurture the leather, keeping it supple.

Leather – Remove any dirt and dust by brushing the leather with a horse hair brush.

Next apply a simple shoe cream that will nourish the leather and keep it supple. Apply a thin coating all around the shoe with a cloth and rub it in well. A neutral cream works best for this. Allow the cream to soak in before proceeding to the next stage of polishing the shoes.

Apply a wax polish with a cloth and allow to dry for 5 minutes or so. The shoe will probably look fairly dull at this stage so now you can use a fine horse hair brush to polish the shoe by rubbing backwards and forwards.

Finally use a soft cloth to rub the shoes to get rid of any remaining wax.

Suede – Use a suede protector spray to protect the skin and repel dirt and water. We recommend you apply the protector prior to wear to ensure maximum protection.

For regular maintenance, use a suede brush to remove any dirt.

When putting on shoes, use a shoe horn to avoid damaging the backs and damaging the structure of the shoe.

Shoe trees should be used after each wearing to maintain the shape of the shoe and for storing when not regularly worn.

Repair your shoes in good time by using a reputable repairer. Some of our shoes can be returned to the manufacturer for repairs depending on the fault.

Golds Menswear sell shoe accessories to help care for your shoes and also offer a shoe repair sevice. Please call our store or pop in to see us for further information, we are always happy to help.